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Image Maker

Beauty Institute

Old School

Hair Dryers

<--- This is me (Susan)


Perm Machine

Can you say "Fried"

Way Back in 1912

~ Love the Bows ~

Look how well they are paying attention !

Hint ~ Hint ~ Hint

Looking Confident

In Her New Glasses 

Manikin Stands Still Look the Same Today !

Is she Smoking ?

~ Groovy ~

Finger ~ Waves

We Still Do Them ~ It's Part of the State Board Exam

This is a photo of my Grandmother & Grandfather Speck back in 1929.

My Grandmother used to jump up during the Lawrence Welk Show and start

doing the Charleston! she wouldn't stop until I joined her.

She Loved It, & So Did I ...

Sweet Memories


Looks like Grandma has

Classic Finger~Waves

This is a Portrait of my Parents

on their Wedding Day

July 6, 1962

Bland & Joyce Speck

Check out Moms Hair

and Dad Has Hair, hehe

Check This Out

Click to read her story!

I want to be like her...

Little more than a Century ago, when Entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker founded her Hair Care and Cosmetics Empire, few Women dared to Imagine Owning a Business.

But She Did It ...

Check her out in Her Car !